Monday, January 18, 2016

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette - Review

So, Maybelline came out with this new contouring palette called "Master Sculpt" and I decided to review it for you guys. It's €13 in the Netherlands and about $10 in the US. I got it in the lightest shade: 01 light medium.

My first impression was that I loved the contouring color. It's a super pretty warm brown. I wasn't wowed by the color of the highlight but you never know how a highlight looks on the skin, so I had high hopes. Boy, was I wrong. This highlighting powder is not good. But more about that later.


I really like the packaging of this product! It's not necessarily pretty, but it's super sturdy and it can probably take a fall. When you open it, the top compartment holds the powder and the bottom compartment holds the, in my opinion unnecessary, applicator and a little mirror. 

The Product

The contour color in this 'mini-palette' is quite good! The color is a really pretty rich warm brown and it's nicely pigmented. My only issue with it, is that it's a bit difficult to blend on the face. You have to move quick with the stuff. Other than that I like it, and I would use it again.

Now the highlight... What a mess. It swatches amazingly, but on my actual face it doesn't work at all. It doesn't reflect hardly any light which makes it look like I just threw some white powder on my cheeks. It's also not very pigmented so the color barely showed up on me. I had to pile it on to see something. Not flattering at all.

The applicator

The brush that comes with this palette is just really unnecessary. It's a tiny, thin, flat brush that hurts my face and doesn't blend anything. Once you apply a line of the contouring powder on your face with this applicator, it will not move. I'd rather they had used the money they spent on the applicator on a bit more work on the highlighter.

Would I recommend?

I'm gonna give this product a 5/10. I would not spend my money on this palette unless you want to buy a tiny amount of overpriced bronzer. It looks promising but it isn't worth over €10. The contour powder is pretty good, but you can also buy a larger quantity of the same color Maybelline bronzer for less. The search for a good drugstore contouring palette continues...

If any of you know about a fantastic one, please let me know!